Assignment: From Kitchen Baker to Operations Manager

Baking dog treats in her kitchen has been a simple action for Wanda to manage. She has two ovens, one sink, a refrigerator, and abundant allowance for two bodies to assignment at the aforementioned time. However, back Wanda moves her business out of her home, she will accept a bartering kitchen that can board as abounding as six bodies alive simultaneously. She had never anticipation of her business as “production” until the absolute acreage abettor who showed her the amplitude asked how abounding assembly workers she needs to accommodate. At that point Wanda accomplished she would be active a assembly system. Alike worse, she accomplished that she had never alike visited a accomplishment ability or set bottom on a absolute assembly floor. How will she anytime administer this process? Your Task Explain the afterward to Wanda: How can she administer attempt of operations administration to ensure that her business charcoal successful? What decisions does she charge to accomplish about how her action will change from authoritative treats in her kitchen? Grading Rubric Criteria Not Evident 0% Developing 55% Proficient 80% Distinguished 100% WeightApply attempt of operations administration to explain at atomic one recommended amplification action for Salty Pawz.20Describe action decisions appropriate to aggrandize the biscuit-making action above Wanda’s kitchen.20Compare biscuit-making processes (e.g., kitchen against assembly system).20Generate a account of action changes appropriate to alteration assembly from the kitchen to a absolute assembly system.20Articulation of acknowledgment (citations, grammar, spelling, syntax, or alignment that abnormally appulse readability and delivery of capital ideas).20

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