Assignment: Formulate a Software Defined Networking Problem Statement

  Read and alarmingly assay this week’s assigned readings accompanying to the challenges and issues that abide aural the SDN space. Select a abstruse challenge, issue, consideration, or alternative affair from this week’s readings, or from aftermost week’s research, that is an accessible analysis catechism acute added analysis to address. Write a botheration account in which you abode the items below. What is the botheration that should be addressed with added analysis (i.e., what is activity wrong)? Support the actuality of the botheration with at atomic three contempo references. What is the appulse of the problem? That is, how are the victims (field of study, researchers, practitioners, industry, civilians, etc.) abnormally afflicted by the problem, back is the botheration evident, and area does the affair abide or become obvious? Provide an archetype of the botheration in activity or as accomplished by those afflicted by it. Support the appulse of the botheration with at atomic three contempo references. Why does the botheration exist? Why has it not been ahead solved? If the affair has been addressed, why does the affair abide to exist? Discuss the conceptual basis, the attributes of the problem, and outline of the botheration as authentic by the literature. Support basal account of the botheration with at atomic three contempo peer-reviewed references.

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