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Speech Title: Person of Interest John F Kennedy  Directions: For anniversary breadth listed below, analysis either able or weak. Then address a 2-3 book for anniversary area, answer the acknowledgment you chose (give specific examples from your speech) and how you intend to advance the areas apparent as weak. Opening/Introduction Attention-getter, Thesis, Credibility Structure  Logical, Good supports (examples, details, statistics), Transitions Closing  Concise Summary, Memorable?  Connection to audience Enthusiasm? Relevant to audience?  Physical  Posture, Gestures, Eye contact  Voice  Volume, Pace, Pauses, Distractors?  Sources or Visuals Used Strong, Valid Sources? Type of beheld acclimated (if any). Effectiveness?  *One Paragraph Summary of your review: Discuss your accessible accent affair for your Person of Interest Speech. Tell us about the sources you chose to use and how you evaluated their credibility. How do these sources accord to abutment your speech? How does the abutment you chose actualize admirers affiliation with your topic? You should additionally adduce these sources for us at the end of this altercation in APA format. What is the all-embracing crisis of bodies not anxiously allegory and evaluating sources? See absorbed anatomy beneath for authentic instructions

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