Assignment for KIM

 Your cardboard should be 10 - 15 pages. Here are some accepted guidelines. Please use the Bluebook commendation architecture to account your references. Information on this architecture can be begin in the Resources or at this link 1. Write an introduction, which acutely identifies the affair of your address and the issues, which you seek to illuminate. The addition should accommodate the apriorism or base of your report, and a actual basic overview of the affirmation you will use to abutment it. Finally, the addition should accommodate a account that identifies what your cardboard contributes to our compassionate of Homeland Security(in alternative words, why is the affair of your address important?). 2. The anatomy of your address should be committed to abutment your apriorism with claims gleaned from your analysis (into what others accept accounting on the topic; abstracts that you accept gathered), readings from the advance text, altercation boards, and/or case law, interviews, law analysis articles. Please adduce your references at the end of your report. Please accommodate at atomic 3 references to abutment the apriorism of your paper. 3. Conclude your address by recapitulating your apriorism and answer in greater detail the acceptation of your findings. If you would like, accommodate in your cessation some questions or claims about the affair and/or specific which you've written. If you accept added analysis needs to be done on your topic, be specific about what affectionate of analysis and how you anticipate it care to be done. Recommend that you proof-read your cardboard several times to ensure that you accept no spelling, grammar or punctuation errors and to ensure that your cardboard flows able-bodied and is organized. 

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