Assignment: Female Offenders

  The 2013 FBI Uniform Abomination Report, Abomination in the United States, 2012 (n.d.), indicates that females accounted for about 26.2% of arrestees for 2012. The mid-year 2010 Bureau of Justice Statistics (Minton, 2011) address additionally indicates that 12.3% of confined offenders were female. While these numbers are rather baby compared to macho offenders’ rates, there has been a cogent access in these percentages in contempo years. Some criminologists altercate that accompanying this access is a axiological change in the attributes and the admeasurement of changeable offending, while others advance that there is no axiological change in changeable behind but, rather, a about-face in society’s acumen of accurate crimes associated with changeable offenders. Vigorous case of petty crimes, for example, may be at the basis of the access in numbers of changeable offenders in contempo years. This leaves accessible the achievability that changeable offenders have, like males, been agreeable in bent behavior, but alone afresh captivated answerable at a commensurable rate. Although there is abundant agitation on both abandon of the altercation about whether there is a cogent aberration in macho and changeable bent behavior, how association angle gender roles absolutely affects how changeable offenders are perceived. While there appears to be no absolute acknowledgment as to whether macho and changeable offenders are decidedly different, the catechism is far from moot, as the abeyant aberration affects how abomination blockage and analysis programs are crafted and whether differences that access bent behavior may be addressed. For this Assignment review the article, “Understanding the Changeable Offender,” and accede the primary causes of changeable offending. Then, analysis the online summary, “Women and Girls in the Bent Justice System,” absorption on the accident factors associated with bent behavior of changeable offenders. Additionally accede how abomination blockage and analysis may alter for macho and changeable offenders. Assignment (1–2 pages): Briefly call characteristics associated with changeable and macho offenders. Compare (similarities and differences) of changeable and macho offenders. Based aloft your comparison, draw at atomic one conclusion about the psychology, characteristics, and behaviors of changeable and macho offenders. Support your Assignment with specific references to all assets acclimated in its preparation. You are asked to accommodate a advertence account alone for those resources not included in the assets for this course.

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