You accept been appointed as the new arch for a badge organization. Within days, several admiral accept appear to your appointment allegorical you about base cops who are allegedly complex in admission fixing, overtime abuse, and browbeating schemes. You accept been told that admiral accept abundantly abandoned the reports, and in cases area activity had to be taken, accepted letters were fabricated and the admiral accustomed accessory discipline. Based on the advice received, you adjustment an centralized investigation. The allegation announce that the allegations are accurate consistent in the battlefront of the complex officers. Later on, the admiral who appear the bribery acquaint you that they are actuality addled and abashed by alternative officers. As the leader, what measures would you booty to assure these officers, who are now beheld as snitches and whistleblowers? How would you go about transforming a base authoritative ability into one that encourages and supports ethical behaviors? Your acknowledgment should be at atomic 2 pages in breadth and in acquiescence with APA standards apropos citation sources and formatting. To advice you codify a plan to transform the ability of the alignment analysis the annual presented by Kerns in the appropriate annual section. Please booty into annual the allocation explanation in adjustment to acquire the best brand possible. Also, accredit to the accounting assignments allocation explanation at the end of the syllabus, which has added capacity about the genitalia of an assignment/essay. 1.  Correctness of the essay: answered absolutely the questions application accordant cant and concepts presented during the week. 25 points 2.  Introduction, body, and conclusion. 5 points 3.  Required cardinal of pages (length). 5 points 4.  Acclimated APA appearance and format: 12 font, bifold spacing, appellation page, and advertence page. 5 points 5.  Integrated analysis and acclimated alien citations or resources. 5 points 6.  Correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation. 5 points 

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