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Change Archetypal Assignment Assume you are the Sales and Marketing Director for Sea Treasures, a baby accumulation of acclaimed retail food specializing in alien sea activity and high-end accessories for aquariums.   The aggregation has been in business for over 50 years, but the chump abject is shrinking, sales are slow, and you are faced with abbreviation agents and closing stores.  Sea Treasures will be out of business aural a year if avant-garde and artistic changes are not fabricated quickly.   After abounding months, you accept assuredly been able to argue the buyer that the alone way to sustain the business and access acquirement is to actualize an Internet Website to advertise the ample account of aquarium decorator items (currently acquisition dust in a cher warehouse) .  This will be a short-term, baby calibration change.  Six months later, you will aggrandize the Website to advertise alive sea creatures such as close angle and baby sea turtles online, which is a long-term, all-embracing change. You face abounding challenges in this transformational change initiative, alpha with able agent resistance, new technology, and aircraft methods.  Abounding baby businesses accept been faced with these aforementioned issues, and accept fabricated the alteration successfully.  Consider the apprehensive ancestry of Amazon, and attending area they are today.  Selecting the best change archetypal for this business, and implementing it footfall by footfall provides the foundation for creating an agitative new company. In 3 - 5 pages, explain which change archetypal you would chase for the concise change and which you would chase for the abiding change.  Provide account for your accommodation and altercate the furnishings that these changes would accept on the employees, managers, and admiral aural the organization.  Include at atomic three references and chase accepted APA formatting for your paper.

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