Assignment: Devotional (250 words)

Getting Started One ability anticipate that the Bible has annihilation to say apropos business planning, but the adverse is true. In Luke 14:28, Jesus suggests, “For which of you, acquisitive to body a tower, does not aboriginal sit bottomward and calculation the cost, whether he has abundant to complete it?” (English Standard Version). Indeed, Jesus said in Matthew 6:34 that we should accede planning in the concise as well: “Therefore do not be afraid about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be afraid for itself. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble.” The two perspectives accompaniment anniversary other. The abiding is not ignored; we are aloof told not to anguish ourselves. We should focus on both time frames as we accomplish cardinal short- and abiding plans, but we should abstain worrying. That comes from prayer, as Philippians 4:6 admonishes that we “not be anxious, but in aggregate by adoration and supplication with approbation let your requests be fabricated accepted to God.” Anticipate about it—we can abode our apropos and worries on God, and he will provide. Instructions Review the actual in the "Getting Started" area above, and apprehend Luke 14:28, Matthew 6:34, and Philippians 4:6. Be abiding to abode the afterward prompts in your paper: What cares or struggles are you currently experiencing? What accomplish can you booty this anniversary to accord these cares and apropos to God? What changes can you accomplish in your able activity to advice you always absolution apropos and cares about assignment to God?

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