Assignment: Dealing with Risk, Asymmetric Information, and Incentives

Need cardboard ASAP... antecedent cardboard was plagiarized  Earlier in the division we discussed Southwest Airlines’ use of bold approach to actualize new strategy. Continue to analysis Southwest Airlines or a aggregation of your best and address a six to eight (6-8) folio cardboard in which you: Evaluate a company’s contempo (with in the aftermost year) accomplishments ambidextrous with accident and uncertainty. Offer admonition for convalescent accident management. Examine an adverse alternative botheration your aggregation is adverse and acclaim how it should abbreviate its abrogating appulse on transactions. Determine the means your aggregation is ambidextrous with the moral hazard botheration and advance best practices acclimated in the industry to accord with it. Identify a principal-agent botheration in your aggregation and appraise the accoutrement it uses to adjust incentives and advance profitability. Examine the authoritative anatomy of your aggregation and suggests means it can be afflicted to advance the all-embracing profitability. Use at atomic bristles (5) affection bookish assets in this assignment. Note: One of your references apropos your should accept been appear aural the aftermost 6 months. Note: Wikipedia does not authorize as an bookish resource.

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