Assignment: Cognitive and Situational Factors That Influence Motivation

Assignment:  Cognitive and Situational Factors That Access Action  This week, you accept advised brainy processes that underlie motivation, as able-bodied as situational factors that can access these brainy processes. In this assignment, you will amalgamate advice begin in the Learning Resources by creating a presentation.  Imagine that you accept been asked by the administrator of a bounded after-school apprenticeship affairs for school-age accouchement and adolescents to actualize a presentation on motivation. The presentation will be acclimated as allotment of training contest for professionals alive for the program. The cold of the presentation is to accommodate an overview of the cerebral and situational factors that access motivation. In addition, the presentation should action applied suggestions for application this advice to finer actuate action in school-age accouchement and adolescents. It should booty the anatomy of a 5- to 7-slide PowerPoint presentation.  By Day 7  Your presentation should accommodate advice on the following: •The altitude that charge be present for accouchement and/or adolescents' self-system to be activated (e.g., importance, efficacy, and affecting response) and why •Specific techniques or activities that professionals alive with school-age accouchement and adolescents ability apparatus to advance these altitude and advance motivation. Keep in apperception that the presentation is geared against professionals in a multi-age after-school apprenticeship program. Thus, you should accommodate account for at atomic three altered ages and accountable areas/academic topics.  Assignment length: 5–7 .PPT slides

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