Assignment: Application of Systems Theory to a Case Study

   In this course, you will be asked to baddest one case abstraction and to use it throughout the absolute course. By accomplishing this, you will accept the befalling to see how theories adviser your appearance of a applicant and the client’s presenting problem. Although the case may be the same, anniversary time you use a altered theory, your angle of the botheration changes, which again changes how you go about allurement the appraisal questions and how you intervene. The aboriginal abstract admission you will use to administer to a case abstraction is systems theory. In alternative words, your abstract orientation—your lens—will be systems admission as you assay a amusing assignment case study. Different theories can be acclimated to booty a systems approach. For example, Bertalanffy’s General Systems Theoryconsiders how a arrangement is fabricated of abate subsystems that admission anniversary alternative and seek homeostasis, admitting Brofennerbrenner’s Ecological Systems Admission focuses on how an individual’s acquaintance is afflicted by altered arrangement levels (micro, meso, exo, macro, and chrono). Systems admission is frequently acclimated to accept the interrelationships of the systems (e.g., family, community, organizations, society) of the client. If you are alive with families, communities, and organizations, it is additionally benign to use systems admission to get a holistic account of all the commutual genitalia of the system. To prepare: Baddest and focus on one of four case studies listed in the Learning Resources. You will use this aforementioned case abstraction throughout the course. By Day 7 Focus on the articular applicant aural your called case. Analyze the case application a systems approach, demography into application both ancestors and association systems. Complete and abide the “Dissecting a Admission and Its Application to a Case Study” worksheet based on your analysis.   Required Readings Turner, F. J. (Ed.). (2017). Amusing assignment treatment: Interlocking abstract approaches (6th ed.). New York, NY: Oxford University Press. Chapter 14: General Systems Admission (pp. 240–247) Turner, K., & Lehning, A. J. (2007). Psychological theories of poverty. Journal of Human Behavior in the Amusing Environment, 16(1/2), 57–72. doi:10.1300/J137v16n01-05 Note: You will admission this commodity from the Walden Library databases. Turner, F. (2011). Admission and amusing assignment treatment. In Amusing assignment treatment: Interlocking abstract approaches (5th ed., pp. 3–13). New York, NY: Oxford University Press. Social Assignment Treatment: Interlocking Abstract Approaches, 5th Edition by Turner, F. Copyright 2011 by Oxford University Press - Books (US & UK). Reprinted by permission of Oxford University Press - Books (US & UK) via the Copyright Clearance Center. Document: Comparing Individual-Related and Structural/Cultural-Related Theories (Word document) Document: Worksheet: Dissecting a Admission and Its Application to a Case Abstraction (Word document) Document: Admission Into Practice: Four Amusing Assignment Case Studies (PDF) Required Media Sommers-Flanagan, J., & Sommers-Flanagan, R. (2014). Counseling and psychotherapy theories in ambience and convenance [Video file]. Retrieved from This week, watch the “Family Systems Therapy” articulation by beat the applicative articulation beneath the “Chapters” tab. Note: You will admission this video from the Walden Library databases.

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