Assignment: Application: Literature Review Step II

  Completing a abstract analysis requires higher-order and critical-thinking skills. In a abstract review, you abstract capacity and key advice and amalgamate them to allegorize your point. In Discussion 2, you called four accessories about a affair and again organized the advice about the four accessories by anecdotic and summarizing them. In essence, you completed the aboriginal footfall of a mini-literature review. In this Assignment, you complete the abutting footfall of a mini-literature analysis by alarmingly allegory the advice you accept gathered. In Discussion 1, you answered the question: What advice is accessible on the affair and what does it say? In this Assignment, you appetite to acknowledgment questions such as: What capacity can I identify? How does this advice chronicle to the affair I am exploring? What advice is best important, and why? What problem(s) accompanying to the affair do the authors address? What problems still charge to be addressed? To adapt for this Assignment, analysis the appropriate readings (e.g., APA readings) accompanying to abstract reviews. Be abiding to analysis the explanation for this Assignment to accept how the abstract analysis will be evaluated. By Day 7 (of Module 3) Submit a 2- to 3-page abstract analysis based on the four accessories you collected. Be abiding your abstract analysis reflects the questions airish in the aperture paragraphs of this Assignment.

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