Assignment: Application: Basic Financial Calculations

Assignment: Application: Basal Banking Calculations

Before you abstruse algebra, you aboriginal had to apprentice basal addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Similarly, afore you can absolutely accept the affairs of a bloom affliction organization, you aboriginal charge to be able to administer basal banking calculations acclimated in about all domains of accounting. A close butt of these accounting concepts will bigger accredit you to confidently accomplish bread-and-butter and ability decisions. In this Assignment, you complete calculations that will accustom you with some of the all-important basal accounting concepts.

Based on the advice and banking statements below, account the afterward banking ratios in an Excel Spreadsheet:

  • Current Ratio

= Total Current Assets / Total Current Liabilities

  • Days of Cash on Hand

= Cash / (Total Operating Expense / 365 days)

  • Age of Accounts Receivable

= Accounts Receivable / (Net Patient Service Revenue / 365)

  • Age of Physical Plant

= Accumulated Depreciation / Depreciation Expense

  • Debt to Equity Ratio

= [Long Term] Debt / Net Assets

  • Debt to Assets Ratio

= [Long Term] Debt / Total Assets

  • Collection Rate

= Net Patient Service Revenue / Gross Patient Service Revenue

  • Operating Margin Ratio

= Gain or (Loss) from Operations / Net Patient Service Revenue

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