Assignment: Adaptive Response

Assignment: Adaptive Response

As an avant-garde convenance nurse, you will appraise patients presenting with a array of disorders. You must, therefore, accept how the anatomy commonly functions so that you can analyze back it is reacting to changes. Often, back changes action in anatomy systems, the anatomy reacts with compensatory mechanisms. These compensatory mechanisms, such as adaptive responses, ability be signs and affection of alterations or basal disorders. In the analytic setting, you use these responses, forth with alternative accommodating factors, to advance you to a diagnosis.

Consider the afterward scenarios:

Scenario 1:

Jennifer is a 2-year-old changeable who presents with her mother. Mom is anxious because Jennifer has been “running a temperature” for the aftermost 3 days. Mom says that Jennifer is usually advantageous and has no cogent medical history. She was in her accepted accompaniment of acceptable bloom until 3 canicule ago back she started to get fussy, would not eat her breakfast, and would not sit still for her admired television cartoon. Since again she has had a agitation off and on, anywhere amid 101oF and today’s aerial of 103.2oF. Mom has been giving her ibuprofen, but back the agitation went up to 103.2oF today, she acquainted that she should appear in for evaluation. A concrete assay reveals a acme and weight adapted 2-year-old changeable who appears acutely unwell.  Her bark is hot and dry. The tympanic membranes are hardly black on the periphery, but contrarily accustomed in appearance. The throat is erythematous with 4+ tonsils and broadcast exudates. Anterior cervical nodes are readily apparent and acutely breakable to blow on the larboard side. The adolescent indicates that her throat hurts “a lot” and it is aching to swallow. Vital signs acknowledge a temperature of 102.8oF, a beating of 128 beats per minute, and a respiratory amount of 24 beats per minute.

Scenario 2:

Jack is a 27-year-old macho who presents with bloom and affliction of his hands. He letters that he has never had a botheration like this before, but about 2 weeks ago he noticed that both his easily seemed to be absolutely red and flaky. He denies any discomfort, advertence that sometimes they feel “a little bit hot,” but contrarily they feel fine. He does not accept why they are so red. His wife told him that he ability accept an abhorrence and he should get some steroid cream. Jack has no accepted allergies and no cogent medical history except for alternate ear infections as a child. He denies any alarming abrasion or accepted acknowledgment to irritants. He is a aliment architect in a bi-weekly architecture and admits that he generally works with annoying solvents and chemicals. Commonly he wears careful gloves, but afresh they assume to be in abbreviate accumulation so sometimes he does not use them. He has apparent his easily to some of these charwoman fluids, but says that it never aching and he consistently done his easily back he was finished.

Scenario 3:

Martha is a 65-year-old woman who afresh retired from her job as an authoritative abettor at a bounded hospital. Her medical history is cogent for hypertension, which has been controlled for years with hydrochlorothiazide. She letters that afresh she is accepting a lot of agitation sleeping, she occasionally feels like she has a “racing heartbeat,” and she is accident her appetite. She emphasizes that she is not athirst like she acclimated to be. The alone cogent change that has occurred afresh in her activity is that her 87-year-old mother confused into her home a few years ago. Mom had consistently been healthy, but she fell bottomward a flight of stairs and bankrupt her hip. Her accretion was a difficult one, as she has absent a lot of advancement and ability and needs to await on her babe for abetment with activities of circadian living. Martha says it is not the retirement she dreamed about, but she is an alone adolescent and is blessed to affliction for her mother. Mom wakes up aboriginal in the morning, brand to bath every day, and has consistently eaten 5 baby commons daily. Martha has to put a lot of time into caring for her mother, so it is about a “blessing” that Martha is sleeping and bistro less. She is afraid about her own bloom admitting and wants to apperceive why, at her age, she aback needs beneath sleep.

To Prepare

  • Review the three scenarios, as able-bodied as Chapter 6 in the Huether and McCance text.
  • Identify the pathophysiology of the disorders presented in anniversary of the three scenarios, including their associated alterations. Consider the adaptive responses to the alterations.
  • Review the examples of “Mind Maps—Dementia, Endocarditis, and Gastro-oesophageal Reflux Ache (GERD)” media in this week’s Learning Resources. Again baddest one of the disorders you articular from the scenarios. Use the examples in the media as a adviser to assemble a apperception map for the ataxia you selected. Consider the epidemiology, pathophysiology, accident factors, analytic presentation, and analysis of the disorder, as able-bodied as any adaptive responses to alterations.
  • Review the Application Appointment Rubric begin beneath Course Information

To Complete

Write a 2- to 3-page cardboard excluding the appellation page, advertence folio and Apperception Map that addresses the following:

  • For anniversary of the three scenarios explain the pathophysiology, associated alterations and the patients’ adaptive responses to the alterations acquired by the ache processes.  You are appropriate to altercate all three scenarios aural the cardboard basic of this assignment.
  • Construct one apperception map on a called ataxia presented in one of the scenarios. Your Apperception Map charge accommodate the epidemiology, pathophysiology, accident factors, analytic presentation, and analysis of the disorder, as able-bodied as any adaptive responses to alterations.

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