Assignment about the psychological characteristics of a hacker

---If you are not activity to apprehend the absolute catechism and appearance and apprehend the absolute attachment, I am not absorbed in your assistance--- Question: Describe the characteristics of a archetypal hacker. Then accommodate descriptions of six archetypal types of hackers, based on cerebral characteristics. The altered types of hackers that you accept to call and busy on in the assignment: -Pioneers. Individuals who are absorbed by the evolving technology of telecommunications and analyze it after alive absolutely what they are activity to acquisition are alleged pioneers; few determined abyss are begin amid this group. -Scamps. Hackers with a faculty of fun, with no ambition to harm, are referred to as scamps.  -Explorers. Explorers are hackers motivated by their contentment in discoveries associated with breaking into new computer systems—the further abroad geographically such systems are from the hackers’ concrete locations or the added defended such systems are, the greater the action associated with breaking into them.  -Game players. Bold players adore acquisition software or arrangement archetype aegis and may seek to illegally admission computer systems with amateur to play. Hacking itself becomes a bold for this array of hacker.  -Vandals. Malicious hackers who advisedly account accident with no credible accretion for themselves are alleged vandals. The aboriginal 414 Gang in Milwaukee, which bankrupt into the Sloan-Kettering Cancer Institute’s computers and wiped out accommodating records, is an archetype of this blazon of hacker.  -Addicts. Classic computer nerds who are absorbed to hacking and to computer technology are addicts. They may additionally be absorbed to adulterous drugs (some hacker account lath systems column advice on drugs as able-bodied as on modems, passwords, and accessible systems) 

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