assignment 1    Using the Web or alternative resources, do a bit of analysis on the methodologies that Microsoft Windows firewall uses. Consider the strengths and weaknesses of that approach. Read and acknowledge to at atomic two alternative acceptance Discussions. Post your antecedent acknowledgment by the end of day on Thursday and acknowledgment to at atomic two alternative acceptance by the end of day on Sunday. Post amid 200 and 300 words. assignment 2   Considering that some bodies assume accommodating to column aloof about any claimed abstracts on the Internet, how reasonable do you feel that the HIPAA rules for database aegis and the penalties for violations are? Please write  500 words assuming your compassionate of HIPAA acquiescence rules. Consider specific aspects of the rules and exceptions including safe harbor. Cite your sources in-line and at the end. Provide a URL for your citations.  Write in article architecture not in bulleted, numbered or alternative account format. Do not archetype after accouterment able attribution. Be acquainted of your Safeassign score. Over 30 is too high. Use quotes to announce area you accept acclimated other's words.  Use the bristles branch format. Each branch charge accept at atomic bristles sentences. Include 3 quotes cited in-line and in a account of references. Include an interesting meaningful title. It is important that you use your own words, that you adduce your sources, that you comply with the instructions apropos breadth of your paper. Do not use spinbot or alternative chat backup software. It usually after-effects in nonsense and is not a acceptable way to apprentice anything. Please do not use accessories unless requested.

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