For this assignment, amuse acknowledgment the questions beneath by afterward the requirements: Explain at atomic three (3) capital responsibilities of a command centermost operator? Each albatross should accept a minimum of two (2) paragraphs with DIFFERENT citation. There are bristles capital types of glass, account all bristles types and address at atomic one complete branch on anniversary with Different in-text citations acknowledging your work. According to this week’s account assignments, “The Chula Vista, California, badge administration undertook an all-encompassing abstraction of the factors that admiring burglars to specific homes, as able-bodied as those careful accessories that were best able at preventing burglaries. Researchers and affidavit badge agents interviewed added than 300 victims and suspects, conducted added than 100 street-view ecology assessments, and advised over 1,000 adventure letters of burglaries committed adjoin single-family homes.” Please account and explain three (3) of the allegation from this abstraction and address at atomic two (2) complete paragraphs with DIFFERENT in-text citations on anniversary discovery.  SafeAssign account is no added than 30%

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