Assignment 9

  Write out the argumentation to the afterward problems. Example: Represent the argumentation of a accommodation whether to abrasion a covering if the temperature is beneath than 60 degrees Fahrenheit, and not to abrasion one if the temperature is 60 degrees or greater. Solution: start Declarations         integer temperature output "Enter temperature: " input temperature if (temperature <60)         achievement "Wear coat." else        output "Don't abrasion coat." end if stop Represent the argumentation of a affairs that allows the user the adjudge if an agent is acceptable for overtime pay.  If the agent is hourly, again achievement "Eligible for overtime," and  if the agent is salaried, again achievement "Not acceptable for overtime." Represent the argumentation of a affairs decides which accolade to accord an agent based on years of service.  Addition with added than 25 years of account gets a gold watch, and addition with 25 years or beneath of account receives a pen and pencil set. Represent the argumentation of a affairs that allows the user to access a amount amid 1 and 100. The affairs determines if the amount is alike or odd, and outputs either "The cardinal is even," or "The cardinal is odd." Put your solutions in a Word document,

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