Week 10  Social Assignment Belief and Belief  Resources  Readings  • • • • Garthwait, C. L. (2017). The amusing assignment practicum: A adviser and workbook for acceptance (7th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson. o Chapter 12, "Social Assignment Ethics" (pp. 136-147) Gallina, N. (2010). Conflict amid able ethicsand convenance demands: Amusing workers’ perceptions. Journal of Amusing Assignment Belief and Ethics, 7(2), 1–9. Retrieved from Kimball, E., & Kim, J. (2013). Virtual boundaries: Ethical considerations for use of amusing media in amusing work. Amusing Work, 58(2), 185–188. National Association of Amusing Workers. (2017). Code ofethics of the National Association of Amusing Workers. Retrieved from Ethics/Code-of-Ethics-English  Media  © 2018 Laureate Education, Inc. Page 14 of 17  Week 10  Social Assignment Belief and Belief  • Laureate Education. (Producer). (2013). Amusing assignment belief and belief [Audio file]. Retrieved from Note: The almost breadth of this media allotment is 1 minute.                                 Assignment 2     Process Recordings The Assignment (2–4 pages):  o Accommodate a archetype of what happened during your acreage apprenticeship experience, including a chat of alternation with a client.  o Explain your estimation of what occurred in the dialogue, including amusing assignment convenance theories, and explain how it ability chronicle to amusing assignment belief and belief covered this week.  o Describe your reactions and/or any issues accompanying to your alternation with a applicant during your acreage apprenticeship experience.  o Explain how you activated amusing assignment convenance abilities back assuming the activities during your action recording.  Submit your Assignment by Day 7.  Support your Assignment with specific references to the resources. Be    © 2018 Laureate Education, Inc. Page 15 of 17        Week 10     Social Assignment Belief and Ethics            sure to accommodate abounding APA citations for your references.  Note: You should additionally allotment your action recordings with your acreage adviser during your alone supervision.  Note: Adherence to acquaintance is appropriate during your action recordings. Do not accommodate absolute names of clients, supervisors, or amusing workers with whom you may appear into acquaintance during your amusing assignment acreage apprenticeship experience. Omit any claimed identifiers back account the alternation with your amusing assignment clients.    Please not that this is a MSW program. I am accomplishing my acreage ED at Walton County Division of Family and Children Services is GA. what I do is complete intakes for aliment stamps and medicaid. interviewing audience for face-lifting and recertification. Facilitating ability development acclimatization for new foster/adoptive parents Groups. Participation in association affiliation affairs and accidental to development of a admission that is actuality developed in the community.

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