The aboriginal allotment of this appointment requires you to convenance with addition (child, boyhood or adult) the accomplishment of reflecting.   This is not therapy.   It is aloof a way for you to convenance "reflecting" exact and nonverbal behavior and agreeable as you watch/engage with this alone for several minutes.   Analysis pp. 217-233 in the arbiter re: absorption responses etc. and analysis the "Child Centered Comedy Therapy" video for absorption examples.    The additional allotment of this appointment is a 3 folio bifold spaced cardboard which charge aboriginal accommodate your self-reflections (a few paragraphs) about your absorption practice, and your thoughts/reflections in ablaze of your absorption experience, apropos what Dr. Garry Landreth says about the afterward topics:        a.  why comedy analysis is not done at a table and the accession of the therapist in comedy therapy,       b.  why comedy therapists delay for an allurement from the adolescent to accompany in play,       c.  why we attending for "firsts" in comedy therapy,       d.  actuality "with" the adolescent in comedy therapy Assignment 2   Review Dr. Landreth's videos "Understanding Themes in Comedy Therapy," and "Limit Setting in Comedy Therapy." 1.   Altercate your acquaintance of commutual Appointment #4 in ablaze of these videos and 2.   altercate the acceptation of the again comedy of the 2 1/2 year old adolescent in the "themes" video.

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