Week 2 6215     Approaches to Appraisal   With Culturally Assorted Children and Families    Resources  Readings  Day 1  • Jani, J., & Okundaye, J. (2014). The culturagram: An educational apparatus to   enhance convenance adequacy with assorted populations. Journal of   Baccalaureate Amusing Work, 19(1), 53–63. Note: You will admission this commodity   from the Walden Library databases.  • Congress, E. P., & Kung, W. W. (2013). Application the   culturagram to appraise and empower culturally assorted families. In Congress,   E. P., & Gonzalez, M. J. (Eds.), Multicultural perspectives in amusing   work convenance with families (3rd ed., pp. 1–20). New York, NY: Springer   Publishing Co.  • Working With Children and Families: The Case of Hamza   (PDF)  Day 2  • Méndez, G. A., & Cole, E. M. (2014). Engaging Latino   families in therapy: Application of the timberline of activity technique. Journal of   Family Psychotherapy, 25(3), 209–224. doi:10.1080/08975353.2014.939932 Note: You will admission this commodity from the Walden Library databases. • Thomas, C., Medina, C., & Cohen, H. (2010). Latino voices: Service commitment challenges in adolescent careful services. Families in Society: The Journal of Contemporary Amusing Services, 91(2), 158–164. doi: 10.1606/1044.3894.3975 Note: You will admission this commodity from the Walden Library databases. Assignment: Culturagram  Submit a 2- to 3-page cardboard and accommodate the following:  · Based on the case abstraction you called for your Anniversary 1 Discussion, explain the appliance of the Culturagram to assessment.  · Complete a Culturagram diagram (using Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint) depicting anniversary of the 10 elements of the culturagram, application advice from the case study.  · For any advice missing from the case study, announce two questions you would ask to accumulate the bare advice and why these questions ability be accordant for your assessment.  · Accommodate the case abstraction as reference, as able-bodied as any added actual acclimated to codify your appraisal questions.  This is the case abstraction that was use aftermost anniversary Working With Children and Families: The Case of Hamza (PDF)  Working With Children and Families: The Case of Hamza Hamza came to my appointment afterwards his abecedary said he “did not fit” in her classroom. Hamza is the 12-year-old son of a Southeast Asian ancestors who afresh confused to a baby Midwestern boondocks to accompany alternative ancestors members. I was the academy amusing worker, and Hamza accustomed in my appointment on the fourth day of the new academy year with a agenda from the abecedary that said, “He doesn’t get forth with the alternative kids in the classroom.” As allotment of my assessment, I asked the teacher, teacher’s assistant, and Hamza’s parents to complete a adolescent behavior inventory. No specific advice came aback on the inventories to advance a problem. At that time, I asked Hamza’s parents and his abecedary to appear a case conference. During the conference, Hamza’s parents appear their contempo clearing and their abridgement of affidavit to abide in the United States. At that point, Hamza’s abecedary exclaimed, “I knew it; he should not be actuality [in the U.S.], and he absolutely should not be in my class!” As the academy amusing worker, I acquainted ambiguous how to respond. Hamza’s abecedary allegedly captivated acrimony against Hamza and his clearing status. At the aforementioned time, Hamza’s educational, emotional, and amusing abundance was my concern. I was amenable for ensuring a strengths angle was accustomed and amidst anniversary of our students. In the afterward weeks, I formed with the agents and parents to abode Hamza’s needs as priority. During the abutting six weeks, I formed with Hamza’s parents and agents to accede after accommodation the barriers that would abide for Hamza in the apprenticeship system. The third six weeks brought change. Hamza was encouraged to excel at school, his parents accustomed my efforts as the academy amusing artisan and the efforts of the teachers, and the commune authorities accustomed a unified social/emotional educational plan for Hamza, forth with alternative undocumented students.

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