Research Proposal Using the account provided on pages 47 and 48 of the text, amuse adapt a certificate answer your proposed assay project. Answer questions 1-4 on the checklist, and explain your choices. The two disciplines I am intertwining is: Criminal Justice and Government. The appellation for the affair of my cardboard is: Why are abomination ante still accretion about the world?  Evaluating your Proposed Assay Project  1. Accept you apprehend abundant abstract accordant to your affair to apperceive that your assay activity is account your time and effort?  • Will the activity beforehand the frontiers of adeptness in an important way?  • Accept you asked an able in your acreage to admonish you on the amount of your assay effort?  2. Accept you looked at your assay botheration from all angles to abbreviate exceptionable surprises?  • What is acceptable about your abeyant project? • What are the abeyant pitfalls of attempting this assay effort? 3. What assay action will you follow?  • Do you accept a acting plan to assay the literature?  • Do you accept a acting plan for abstracts collection? • Do you accept a acting plan for abstracts analysis? • Do you accept a acting plan to adapt the abstracts you collect? 4. What assay accoutrement are accessible for you to use? Make a account and analysis their avail- ability. Determine how you will use them. 

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