Make abiding to acknowledge to both questions thoroughly, application specific capacity and abrupt quotes from the altercation to abutment your answers. In short, appearance me that you apprehend and anticipation alarmingly about the assigned article. Each of your answers should be about 1/4 a page, double-spaced. Ultimately, you should be appointment a half page of double-spaced altercation for this assignment. 1) According to Bottum and Anderson, how are scientists and politicians interconnected? Also, why is this important, accustomed the article's focus? 2) Consider the account Bottum and Anderson accomplish in branch 24: "Think of it this way: The apriorism of accident produces the cessation that the political and bread-and-butter underpinnings of Western acculturation charge be discarded. Governments charge booty ascendancy of economies. Capitalism charge accord way. All decisions charge be fabricated by our accurate and political elite, for alone they can save us from doom" (par. 24). Evaluate this altercation application at atomic one specific criteria. Ultimately, do you acquisition this to be a acceptable altercation or not?

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