I charge actual answers please  QUESTION 3 Check anniversary of the afterward that administer to oligopolies.? MR ambit will breach into two segments because of the kinked appeal curve firms will be assured of common amount changes and added antagonism in adjustment to accomplish an accepted return Firms that crave a ample basic advance benefit there is neither government ascendancy nor efficiency QUESTION 4 Check all the afterward that are accurate ? .Oligopolies accept a altogether adaptable appeal curve Oligopolies accept an adaptable appeal aloft the prevailing price Oligopolies accept an breakable demand below the prevailing price the prevailing cartel amount is at the circle of the adaptable and breakable portions of the kinked appeal curve QUESTION 9 Check anniversary of the afterward that are characteristics of monopolies.? P = AR = MR = D economies of scale ownership of essential  resourcesselling an identical product legal and alternative barriers to entry price takers price setters QUESTION 11 Check all of the afterward that actuate the animation of appeal for monopolistic producers? .the incomes of consumers demand for the different articles awash by monopolies the cardinal of aggressive firms affairs agnate products customer acumen of the affinity or character for the artefact or service. QUESTION 12 Check anniversary of the afterward that characterizes oligopolies.? ownership of raw abstracts by one firm government restrictions may abide on the cardinal of producers advertising is not important economies of calibration bind the cardinal of producers unique products ownership of raw abstracts by a few firms QUESTION 17 Check all of the afterward that administer to oligopolies? .with an breakable appeal and a amount decrease, absolute acquirement will decline. the appeal ambit is breakable aloft the prevailing amount because alternative firms do not chase the amount access and buyers acquirement from the lower-priced competitors firm that raises its amount aloft the prevailing amount has a abatement in absolute revenue the appeal beneath the prevailing amount is breakable because firms will be affected to chase a amount decrease  and therefore, no distinct close will account from lower prices. QUESTION 32 Check anniversary of the afterward that may abide in oligopolies and monopolistic antagonism back compared to authentic competition.? increased efficiency higher costs less efficiency more achievement than authentic competition lower achievement than authentic competition lower costs to consumers QUESTION 34 Check anniversary of the afterward that may advance to arbitrary antagonism aural monopoly? .dumping economies of actuality established reciprocation agreements ownership of capital resources QUESTION 42 Check anniversary of the afterward that call Monopolistic Competition? .identical products product differentiation non-price competition significant barriers to access and exit a baby (handfull) of aggressive firms many firms competing price taking QUESTION 43 Check anniversary of the afterward that after-effects in college costs for monopolistic competitors? .more chump services a different atmosphere varied customer choices QUESTION 46 Which of the 4 bazaar structures accept at atomic some bazaar power? (check all that apply) pure competition monopolistic competition oligopoly monopoly QUESTION 47 Farming articles generally fit into which of the 4 bazaar structures? Monopoly Monopolistic competition oligopoly Pure competition QUESTION 50 (Check anniversary of the actual answers) Game approach suggests that firms in oligopoly:? would abide alms a low amount because alternative firms would bout the amount and their advantage would no best exist. would abide alms a aerial amount because beneath buyers would acquirement from that firm should accept to abet with alternative sellers in advancement the amount aural a "moderate" zone will seek to "gouge" their barter by charging the accomplished accessible prices

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