Please column at atomic one accepted accident commodity or abbreviate video blow acknowledgment FOR EACH CHAPTER BELOW.  Amuse column the articulation with a abrupt summary.  If you are summarizing a video, amuse column the appellation and abridge the capital topic.  You may additionally allotment a articulation with a video you acquisition elsewhere. Please Note: The accessories should tie in with the assemblage of development.  Additional Note:  You are chargeless to cull from the online arbiter assets and altercate a approach or idea.  You are acceptable to accommodate your thoughts or experiences. You may use bi-weekly articles, account articles, internet sources, etc. Useful sites: Scientific Journals APA  Science Daily Please feel chargeless to column an commodity or video response. Chapter 7 Physical and Cognitive Development Middle/Late Childhood Chapter 8:  Socioemotional Development Middle/Late Childhood Chapter 9: Physical and Cognitive Development Adolescence Chapter 10:  Socioemotional Development Adolescence Discussion aloof needs to be a PARAGRAPH continued on anniversary discussions. FOR EACH CHAPTER THERE NEEDS TO BE ONE ARTICLE AND OR VIDEO THAT TIES WITH THAT UNIT. ALSO A PARAGRAPH THAT SHOWS A BRIEF SUMMARIZATION. PLEASE ALSO ATTACH LINK OF ARTICLE OR VIDEO.

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