Assignment 1   You charge abide a archetype of your session, a active accord anatomy and the completed Comedy Therapy Skills Checklist for this assignment!  A few branch description/reflection of your acquaintance of this appointment is additionally required. NO Video RECORDING IS REQUIRED for this assignment! 1.     Record your affair (15 minutes) with a adolescent advance (age 3, 4,5,6,7 or 8), application the techniques you've abstruse from the advance and abnormally Dr. Garry Landreth's book and videos.  Transcribe the absolute affair for submission.   3.     Concentrate on application the afterward skills:        a.   SILENCE and TRACKING b.   REFLECTING WHAT THE CHILD IS SAYING OR DOING   c.   REFLECTING WHAT THE CHILD MIGHT BE FEELING or EXPERIENCING       d.  introduce the affair to the child, adage that he/she may comedy with the toys in abounding different  means and that you are activity to watch 4.    Grading will be as follows:        a.   typed, single-spaced archetype of absolute session    =      50 pts.    b.   active accord anatomy =   10    c.   completed Comedy Therapy Skills account =  10   d.   3 branch summary/reflection about acquaintance =  30 pts.  Discussion  1.  What roles or behaviors did you accept to try to "shake off" during your convenance session?  2.  What 3 attempt of Adolescent Centered Comedy Therapy bell best with you now and why?  3.  What one affair did you apprentice that you anticipate you will absolutely booty with you into your approaching assignment as a counseling professional? **Be abiding to adduce & source, adapt & actual errors

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