Assignment 6

  Week 6 Assignment Application: Anecdotal Self-Reflection Paper Self-reflection is a admired able development apparatus to appraise alone strengths, analyze areas of challenge, and agenda best practices. “This requires acquaintance of one’s own values, cultural bias, philosophies, personality, and appearance in the able use of the able self” (Standard 20, Council for Standards in Animal Service Education, 2010, p. 9). For this Assignment you will reflect on your accumulative acquaintance in the BSHS program. To Prepare for this Assignment: Review all abstracts for this program. Review all abstracts for this course, including your accumulating of portfolio abstracts from Weeks 1-4: aesthetics statement, artifacts, and rationales. The Assignment: Submit  a 4-page anecdotal self-reflection about your acquirements in the Bachelor of Science in Animal Casework (BSHS) program. Look in the Acquirements Resources for the Self-Reflection Guide to abetment you with this Assignment. Reference: Council for Standards in Animal Service Education. (2010). National standards: Baccalaureate amount in animal services. Retrieved from

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