Assignment 5: Tour Operator Agency Database

The Strayer Oracle Server may be acclimated to analysis and abridge the SQL Queries developed for this assignment. Your adviser will accommodate you with login accreditation to a Strayer University maintained Oracle server. A bunch bout abettor bureau has acquired new business advance in the North American bazaar through the use of amusing media. Its operation has broadcast by 50% aural six months and the bureau requires an added abstracts administration action to sustain their business operations. Their absolute abstracts athenaeum for its catch processing arrangement is bound in business intelligence and advertisement functionalities. The bout abettor seeks a database administration specialist to abetment them in leveraging their abstracts sources to accredit them to anticipation and activity bout sales appropriately. Imagine that you accept been assassin to accomplish their charge of acceptable the abstracts athenaeum for their accepted catch processing system. Upon reviewing the system, you acquisition that the abstracts anatomy holds bombastic abstracts and that this anatomy lacks normalization. The database has the afterward characteristics: A table that food all the salespersons. The table holds their agent id, aboriginal name, aftermost name and “Tours sold” field. The “Tours sold” acreage is adapted manually. A table that food bout chump abstracts and tours sold. The table holds chump name, address, city, state, zip code, tour(s) selected, cardinal of bodies in tour, and absolute bulk paid. The accepted anatomy will appearance the chump added than once, if the chump books assorted tours. A bout table that is acclimated as a bout bulk area which holds the tours offered and the bulk per person. Bout ante alter every three (3) months depending on the day-tripper season. Write a three to four (3-4) folio cardboard in which you adduce an added database administration strategy. Your angle should accommodate the following: Design a abstracts archetypal that will accommodate to the afterward criteria: Propose an able abstracts anatomy that may authority the bout operator’s abstracts application a normalization process. Describe anniversary footfall of the action that will accredit you to accept a 2nd Normal Form abstracts structure. Create allotment conventions for anniversary article and attributes. Conclude your abstracts archetypal architecture with an Article Relationship Archetypal (ERM) that will visually represent the relationships amid the tables. You may accomplish use of graphical accoutrement with which you are familiar. Note: The graphically depicted band-aid is not included in the appropriate folio length. Construct a concern that can be acclimated on a address for free how abounding canicule the customer’s balance will crave acquittal if absolute bulk due is aural 45 days. Accommodate a archetype of your alive cipher as allotment of the paper. Using the agent table declared in the arbitrary above, complete the following: Construct a activate that will access the acreage that holds the absolute cardinal of tours awash per agent by an accession of one (1). Create a concern that can aftermath after-effects that appearance the abundance of barter anniversary agent has awash tours to.  Support the acumen abaft application stored procedures aural the database as an access action for the database transactions.

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