assignment 4 IT510

   ASSIGNMENT Reference Mini Case 2 and Mini Case 3 begin in your bore resources. Students will abide a ambience diagram for the adjustment system, and actualize a accommodation table, to be submitted as a Word document. Kitchen Accessories (MINI CASE 2) Kitchen Accessories sells a band of high-quality kitchen accoutrement and gadgets. When barter abode orders on the company’s Web armpit or through cyberbanking abstracts altering (EDI), the arrangement checks to see if the items are in stock, issues a cachet bulletin to the customer, and generates a aircraft adjustment to the warehouse, which fills the order. When the adjustment is shipped, the chump is billed. The arrangement additionally produces assorted reports.  Tasks 1. Draw a ambience diagram for the adjustment system.  Big State University (MINI CASE 3) The Big State University advance archive reads as follows: “To accept in MIS 260, which is an avant-garde course, a apprentice charge complete two prerequisites: MIS 120 and MIS 222. A apprentice who completes either one of these prerequisites and obtains the instructor’s permission, however, will be accustomed to booty MIS 260.”  Tasks  1. Actualize a accommodation table that describes the Big State University advance archive apropos accommodation for MIS 260. Show all accessible rules.

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