Project Agenda Changes

You accept kicked off the District 4 Production Warehouse Move project, your contractors are in abode and alive on accepting the able architecture permits.

You originally were told the permits would alone booty 2 weeks to access but the contractors are cogent you it will now booty 3 weeks. You charge to body the added anniversary into your agenda for anniversary admittance that will be obtained.

In addition, your framing and drywall contractors accept aloof told you they are active backward on their alternative jobs and can alone absolution bisected their aggregation for your project. This will bifold their schedule.

Build the added time into your agenda by acceleration the accession assignment timelines for both the framing and drywall. Your activity plan should additionally be adapted with the new 3-week timeline for accepting permits. Use the activity plan you created for this task.

You are now attractive at an continued activity commitment date. Your activity sponsor was actual bright that you charge be done in a 4 ages timeframe so you will charge to attending at options for abbreviation your agenda to fit into the 4 ages window.

You accept an advantage of hiring addition architect to advice with the framing and drywall assignment but it will access your account by $200,000.

Determine your best advance of activity for bringing this activity in on agenda and amend your activity plan to reflect your recommendation. Develop a 5-6 accelerate presentation for chief administration analogue your proposed solution. You are gluttonous approval to advance with your new plan.

Submit both your adapted activity plan in PDF architecture and your PowerPoint presentation.

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