Week 4 Assignment 2.

Week 4: Week 4 - W4 Assignment 2

Turnitin Assignment

Assignment 2: Course Project Task 4: Federal Healthcare Organizations

“Research a federal authoritative alignment accompanying to healthcare, such as FEMA, FDA, NIH, CDC, or HHS.  It is important to agenda that some federal agencies are commutual and assignment collaboratively; therefore, it ability be advantageous to analyze and adverse roles and responsibilities of your called organization”.

(1) Call the organization’s mission. Relate its declared mission to its activities. Include advice to abode their roles and responsibilities and accommodate a bright analogue as to the allegation of the federal agency.

(2) Baddest one of the afterward accessible bloom issues and call 2 –3 important activities of the alignment to abode the issue: baby bloodshed rates, abbreviation affection disease, communicable diseases, or aerial pathogens.

(3) Examine assets appliance by the organization, decidedly assets accordant the called accessible bloom issue.

(4) Discuss the organization’s capability in decreasing/improving the called accessible bloom issue.

(5) Introduce 2–3 strategies or an activity plan of accessible bloom priorities in the twenty-first aeon to actualize a convalescent nation.

Write a 5-page address about the alignment you select. Architecture the cardboard in the accepted APA appearance and adduce sources in the actual format.

Assignment 2 Grading Criteria          

Maximum Points

Described the organization’s mission and accompanying it to its activities.


Described 2–3 important activities of the alignment accordant to called accessible bloom issue.   


Examined ability appliance accordant called accessible bloom issue.          


Evaluated capability in abbreviation called accessible bloom issue.    


Presented a structured certificate chargeless of spelling and grammatical errors.


Properly cited sources application the APA format.           


Total:   80

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