For this assignment, you will advance and abide two (2) Committee Member Recommendation Sheets (CMRS). As explained on the Course Activity - Introduction page, in adjustment to achieve this -- for anniversary CMRS -- you will charge to:

  1. Identify a specific Law/Regulation/Standard that anniversary healthcare ability needs to be acquainted of and accede with during approved business in the USA.
  2. Determine who (which job title) at the Livewell ability should adviser for that accurate Law/Regulation/Standard.
    • This assurance is fabricated by anecdotic who, by advantage of their normal role at Livewell, is the best acceptable being that would analyze accident for breaking this law. This being will be recommended for the Compliance Committee by commutual a Committee Member Recommendation Sheet (CMRS).
    • Download this account of Compliance Committee Member Options with abrupt descriptions to abetment your controlling process.
  3. Complete a Committee Member Recommendation Sheet (CMRS)

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