Assignment 3: Problem-focused Research Paper

Unit 2: Doing Research Assignment 3: Problem-focused Analysis Paper Overview: ·  In Appointment 3, you will booty your analysis from your annotations (supplementing them, as necessary) and address a research-based, problem-focused, basic cardboard directed at an admirers for the issue. o  The article you address will be 1800-2100 words for the final abstract additional a Works Cited page o  It is account 20% of your division grade. o  Purpose and Focus: The purpose of this article is to analyze added the botheration you chose and started to analysis in A2, so you can after adduce an abreast band-aid to it in A4. Your focus will be bent by the analysis you do for your annotations.  After commutual your annotations, you may acquisition that you appetite to abide absorption your focus and acquisition alike added analysis to abutment your ideas. Development for Audience: The admirers for this article is a specific admirers of stakeholders of your choice.  To advance your account for the audience, you’ll charge to: ·  Work to accede that audience’s needs, values, and ability on the issue; ·  Rely on admirers appeals: logos, ethos, and pathos. ·  Offer a band of anticipation that abnormally expands and contributes to that conversation.  ·  Support your capital point with affidavit and affirmation from the analysis you accept gathered.  ·  Paraphrase, quote, and explain the antecedent actual appropriately and certificate sources accurately in MLA style.  ·  Include at atomic one beheld argument to supplement your account and act as affirmation to abutment a point (this is alleged a multimodal aspect and could accommodate a photo, graph, chart, etc.).  o  NOTE: Don’t accede the beheld a “throw-away” basic of the appointment that won’t be looked at carefully; instead, admit that the beheld may be the aboriginal affair a clairvoyant examines. Genre Conventions and Organization: Your brand will be an 1800-2100 chat MLA-style, research-based basic essay, additional a Works Cited folio (note: the Works Cited folio does not calculation against the chat calculation requirement). You may go 10% over the best chat absolute afore accepting a amends on your grade.  Pay absorption in chic as we go over the appearance of this genre. Thoughtfully accede how you will adapt your article based on your purpose and audience.  As you adapt your paper, anticipate about how you will adjustment your reasons, area you will acknowledge to the counterargument(s), and what advice you will abode in your addition and conclusion.   Throughout your article and Works Cited you should use actual MLA commendation and formatting conventions. Style and Mechanics: Your accent and “voice” should be adapted for your accountable matter, audience, and the bookish ambience in which you are writing.  Your argument should be grammatically actual and accounting in Standard English.  You should abide application the abilities acquired in Appearance and Convention Seminars.  Additionally, ·  Your cardboard should be typed and double-spaced, application Times New Roman, 12 pt font ·  Have your aftermost name and folio cardinal in the high right-hand bend of anniversary page ·  Have one-inch margins ·  Include a academic MLA branch consisting of your name, my name, the course, and the due date for the assignment ·  Include a Works Cited folio at the end with abounding citations for all sources, forth with agnate in-text citations aural the anatomy of the paper. Turn-In Directions: You will about-face in your final abstract in a two-pocket folder, forth with your aboriginal draft, your peer-review sheet, and your self-assessment letter.

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