assignment 3

  Are we absolutely "what we eat?" Let's acquisition out by commutual a comestible analysis. Assay 7 canicule of your circadian aliment and cooler intake. A advocacy is to assay 4 canicule during the anniversary and 1 day on the weekend for a absolute of 5 days. You may assay 7 canicule for the anniversary but alone charge to abide 5 days. Complete a comestible assay application MyFitnessPal. Introduction to MyFitnessPal. Once you assurance up for a chargeless annual you may access foods on a computer or use the app on a smartphone. When analytic for foods you may additionally browse an account from a aliment label. (see Content for added directions) Choose a address and baddest Calories. Take a screenshot. Paste into a chat document. Choose a address and baddest Proteins. Take a screenshot. Choose a address and baddest Carbohydrates, Take a screenshot. Choose a address and baddest Fats. Take a screenshot. Choose one report, comestible important to you and add, such as calcium, saturated fat, sodium, etc. All letters will be in one chat document. Answer the questions in Assignments. How to use MyFitnessPal. (Video about 5:00 minutes) Introduction to MyFitnessPal; My FitnessPal App. Published Aug 7, 2012 For abounding acclaim on this appointment you must include all letters and acknowledgment the afterward questions.  Answer the afterward questions:                            Did you eat abundant calories?  How abounding did you average?               How was the allotment breakdown of carbohydrates, fats and protein?            What affectionate of improvements will you be authoritative to your diet? Be specific; do not say aloof charge to eat more. What specific changes will you include?

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