Assignment 3

  Instructions You acquaint functions with a affairs that calls - or makes use of -  two functions. So, you accept main(), which is included in every program,  and you accept firstFunction() and secondFunction().  Anniversary time a  function finishes, affairs ascendancy is alternate to whatever alleged the  function. In this case, that is main(). The cipher and achievement are as  follows: (PLEASE SEE THE UPDATES BELOW THE ORIGINAL PROGRAM PROVIDED.)   UPDATES  If you accept any issues with the cipher as provided, amuse try the afterward updates to the program. The compiler is attractive for the abstracts types of the acknowledgment ethics for the action prototypes.   In this example, the two functions do not acknowledgment values, so void is acclimated to announce no value will be returned.   Example:   As accepted this term, add a 0 to the acknowledgment line.  We  discussed why we do this during Unit 3's address and in Unit 2's  discussion board. Example: Since we adumbrated in our action prototypes that our  functions would not acknowledgment values, we'll charge to announce the aforementioned in  our action definitions.  Add abandoned in the abode of the acknowledgment abstracts blazon  for anniversary function. Example:   Notice the functions are "prototyped," that is, the action analogue is accounting aloft main() and followed with a semi-colon. The flowchart for the cipher is as follows: Submission Instructions Now, you try artful the code, and autograph the flowcharts. Upload flowgorithm file, your .c file, and a screenshot of your cipher achievement adored in a Word document

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