assignment 2 week 5

  In this assignment, you will be creating a PowerPoint presentation based on the appliance of the anatomic bloom appraisal of a cine character. To complete this assignment, accept a cine from the afterward account and analyze a appearance from the cine on whom you would like to do a bloom assessment. If you ambition to use a appearance from a cine not included on the afterward list, get the approval of your instructor. Films: Away From Her Lorenzo's Oil Mask My Sister's Keeper Philadelphia Rain Man Steel Magnolias Stepmom The Elephant Man The Mighty The Tic Code Directions: Create a PowerPoint presentation of 10-12 slides application the arrangement "Movie Appearance Presentation." Provide an accession and accomplishments overview of the cine appearance (client). Assess the applicant application the "Functional Bloom Pattern Assessment." Based on your "observations" and thoughts, certificate your assessment, accouterment examples from the movie. Describe any empiric or abeyant cultural, geographic, religious, ethnic, or airy considerations of this client. Describe two accustomed bloom patterns of the applicant as able-bodied as two aberrant bloom patterns that you observe, and accommodate examples. Develop an adapted nursing analysis for the applicant based on your assessment. Identify and call three interventions for the client: bloom promotion, bloom prevention, and maintenance. Identify at atomic two accessible assets or association casework to which you would accredit this applicant and accommodate account for your choices. In accession to appointment the presentation to the instructor, column your appointment to the Cine Appearance Bloom Appraisal Presentation Main Forum as directed by instructor. Respond to alternative students' posts in a address that initiates or contributes to discussion. Each being should accomplish at atomic three absolute comments. While APA architecture is not appropriate for the anatomy of this assignment, solid bookish autograph is accepted and in-text citations and references should be presented application APA affidavit guidelines, which can be begin in the APA Style Guide, amid in the Student Success Center. This appointment uses a rubric. Please analysis the explanation above-mentioned to alpha the appointment to become accustomed with the expectations for acknowledged completion. You are not appropriate to abide this appointment to Turnitin.

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