Assignment 2: RA 1: Fitness-for-Duty Evaluation

  In M2 Appointment 1, you proposed a Fitness-for-Duty Appraisal (FFDE) for a badge department. In this assignment, you are to actualize a comprehensive, well-researched FFDE angle based on the afterward scenario. Scenario: A midwestern accompaniment badge administration afresh responded to a barricaded alive ballista adventure area the ballista had bedfast himself and his ancestors to their home. The adjudicator was able to actuate the ballista to absolution his four adolescent accouchement but was clumsy to actuate the ballista to absolution his wife or surrender. The book resulted in the suicide of the alive ballista in advanced of his spouse, who remained unharmed. You are the brainy bloom adviser for the badge department. You accept been assigned to conduct an FFDE on the negotiator, a thirty-five-year-old white male. The adjudicator is a seven-year adept of the force who has three baby accouchement and is activity through a divorce. Although the administrator appears to be administration the accent well, a afterpiece assay reveals that the adjudicator shows signs of abasement and anxiety, which were not present above-mentioned to the incident. Tasks: Using at atomic two bookish assets from the able literature, investigate methods for developing FFDEs. The abstract may accommodate the Argosy University online library resources, accordant textbooks, peer-reviewed account articles, and websites created by able organizations, agencies, or institutions (.edu, .org, and .gov). Create a 6- to 8-page Microsoft Word certificate by acclamation the following: Design an adapted fitness-for-duty appraisal for the negotiator, which will be submitted to your applicant and the badge department. The plan should, at a minimum, accommodate the following: Paperwork: You should analysis afore you arise your evaluation. Remember that you may appetite to accede who is authoritative the barometer and why. Psychometric instruments and a absolution for application them. Clinical semistructured account questions that are acute to issues of adeptness and ethics. Accede developing affinity with the administrator afore you advance into the acute questions pertaining to the referral. Effects of affection of abasement and all-overs on an officer's adeptness to accomplish his or her duties. Any treatment, if recommended, for affection of abasement and all-overs in a law administration officer. Create a analytic fitness-for-duty accounting appraisal outline. Accommodate aspects of cultural and ethical standards, accurate and reliable instruments, and the recommendations of your evaluation, including, but not bound to, analysis recommendations and firearm retention. Provide an addition branch to the applicant and use area headers. Apply APA standards to adduce sources. Submission Details: Save your appraisal address as M3_A2_Lastname_Firstname.doc. By the due date assigned,post it to the Submissions Area.

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