Assignment 2: Public Health Issues And Economics

The ambition of accessible bloom is to anticipate ache or abrasion for the absolute population—that is, the city, state, or country. A accessible bloom access to blight may absorb a state-wide acquaintance attack about the accident factors for blight (such as accompanying to smoker or sun exposure). However, it is actual important to accede the acknowledged and bread-and-butter factors that will appear into comedy in developing such a attack for it to become successful.

Using the readings for the week, the South University online library, and the Internet, actualize a PowerPoint presentation with a best of 10-12 slides.

Cover the following:

  • Propose a band-aid to a accessible bloom botheration (such as blubber blockage and control, ecology bloom issues, or communicable diseases) at the bounded or civic level.
  • Address the acknowledged considerations and bread-and-butter appulse of the problem.
  • Be abiding to awning concepts you accept abstruse throughout the advance in your presentation, such as:
    • Direct against aberrant costs
    • Cost-effectiveness
    • Technical assistance
    • Evaluation

You presentation should accommodate the following:

  • Title and advertence slides (in accession to the 10–12 slides of content)
  • Headings for anniversary section
  • Speaker notes

On a abstracted page, adduce all sources application the APA format.

Assignment 2 Grading CriteriaMaximum Points
Proposed an able band-aid to a accessible bloom problem.50
Addressed the acknowledged considerations and bread-and-butter appulse of the problem.40
Used actual spelling, grammar, and able vocabulary. Cited all sources application the APA format.10

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