Assignment 2: Nonverbal Communication and Culture

Using the Argosy University online library assets and the Internet, analysis the differences in ability and nonverbal communication. Every ability has a altered compassionate of what is adapted nonverbal communication. In the United States, eye acquaintance is a assurance of absorption or respect. In alternative cultures, eye acquaintance is apparent as abrupt and disrespectful. In this assignment, you will assay and adverse how a altered ability you collaborate with in your circadian activity may adapt nonverbal advice abnormally than what is "culturally acceptable" in the United States. Make abiding to booty into annual nonverbal gestures such as appearance, tone, space, eye contact, gestures, etc. Based on your analysis and your claimed experience, acknowledgment the afterward questions: * Explain why you best the altered ability that you are researching. How do you collaborate with that ability on a approved basis? * Assay and adverse the altered cultures. Call the similarities and differences in the way they both nonverbally communicate. * As the apple becomes added all-around and cultures intersect, call and assay at atomic two means you can use your allegation in your circadian activity to advice you be a added culturally competent communicator. Write a 2- to 3-page cardboard in Word architecture (not counting appellation and advertence pages). Apply APA standards for autograph appearance to your work.

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