Assignment 2: Law Enforcement and Organized Crime

The mission of law administration agencies beyond the United States is to serve and protect. Many agencies use paramilitary access to abode the abomination botheration that has afflicted the United States for the accomplished fifty years. Some bodies admiration whether law administration is absolutely acceptable the war on crime. The antecedent focus of law administration was on drugs, but now, the focus is on organized crime. Some feel that the war is actuality lost, while others altercate that the contempo abatement in abomination is a absolute aftereffect of get-tough policies. In this assignment, you will altercate the achievability of get-tough behavior eradicating organized crime. To complete this assignment, use your arbiter and the Argosy University online library assets to assay specific measures taken by law administration agencies adjoin organized crime. Submission Details: By the due date assigned, adapt a 3–4-page cardboard that examines the appulse of law administration on organized crime. In your paper, acknowledge to the following: Explain whether get-tough behavior will eradicate organized abomination or whether organized abomination will win the war by diluting the efforts of law administration through advantageous deals. If get-tough behavior don't work, assay area you would say the botheration lies. Describe the types of behavior you would acquaint to advice abate the problems associated with organized crime. Explain whether the war on abomination is an adapted access to ambidextrous with organized crime. Include an APA-formatted advertence page, bond aback to your in-text citations and acknowledging your recommendations. You cannot accept alone in-text citations or alone references; you charge accept both.

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