Assignment 2: External Environmental Scan

In adjustment to advance able strategies, it is analytical to accept the exchange environment. In this assignment, you will analyze the accord amid exchange accession based on ecology factors. Throughout this course, you will assignment on a action assay for a called organization. In Bore 1, you called an alignment for your advance activity activities and completed a bazaar position assay for your organization. In this module, you will conduct a absolute alien ecology browse of your business unit, including a bristles armament analysis, to analyze the accordant trends that affectation opportunities or threats to your business. These will serve as inputs for a final strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) assay that will be due in Bore 4: Appointment 2. There are abounding elements that can go into an ecology scan, and your assay will depend on the attributes of your business unit, artefact portfolio, ambition market, and alternative factors accompanying to the ambit of your business. Your ecology browse should accommodate some or all of the afterward elements: Economic factors and trends Political factors and trends Regulatory and acknowledged factors and trends Societal factors and trends Technological factors and trends Geographic factors and trends Porter’s bristles armament that consists of the afterward aspects: Threat of new competition Threat of acting articles or services Bargaining ability of barter (buyers) Bargaining ability of suppliers Intensity of competitive/industry rivalry Although your assay will be tailored to your specific business, be abiding to awning the following: A absolute bristles armament assay of your industry The key factors and trends in any alternative areas affecting your industry A basic allocation of the alien factors and trends as either opportunities or threats which will be the inputs for the final SWOT analysis Write a 3-page address in Word format. Apply APA standards to commendation of sources. 

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