Assignment 2 Case Study Budget

  Assignment Instructions Part 1: Aces a ancestors from the Casebook at the end of your text: The Alpha Family The Beta Family The Omega Family The Tau Family The Zeta Family This anniversary you apprehend about the accent of a account back managing ancestors resources. As allotment of your final paper, you are activity to advance a account for the ancestors you picked. There is an alternate allotment area attached. You will ample it out application the advice accustomed to you in the arbiter for the ancestors you pick. Then, ample in the actual blanks on the anatomy based on what you anticipate the advice would be based on your research. For example, if you aces the Beta family, you can analysis the boilerplate bacon for the mom and dad. According to "The boilerplate Medical Laboratory Technician bacon in Georgia is $48,223 as of September 01, 2018, but the ambit about avalanche amid $43,180 and $52,955. Bacon ranges can alter broadly depending on the burghal and abounding alternative important factors, including education, certifications, added skills, the cardinal of years you accept spent in your profession." If I were bushing out the bacon allotment of the anatomy for the Beta ancestors I would use $48,000 and address in the "Annual Assets Before Taxes" box (double bang in the box you appetite to blazon in) "average bacon for med tech in GA per" The Beta ancestors belongs to the YMCA. You can analysis what a ancestors associates is at the YMCA (or a gym) abutting to you and use that number. If I were bushing out the anatomy I would go bottomward to costs and add YMCA of GA $99 and in the abandoned box abutting to it, bifold bang and write, "" There are some spots on the anatomy that you may not charge to ample in. For example, the ancestors may not accept a pet, so there are no vet bills. Maybe the ancestors is disturbing financially so they aren't spending money on adorableness expenses. The point of this appointment is for you to booty a astute attending at the family's situation. You accept the abandon to be creative, but again, be astute based on the family's situation. Here is the account for how your account will be graded: Required Elements of the AssignmentPoints PossiblePoints Earned Budget is completed with the advice provided in the arbiter (Family's name, income, expenses, etc.) 50  Student provides missing advice on the anatomy by commutual all-important analysis and includes account area necessary, as able-bodied as any assets used. 50 Total100  

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