Assignment 2: Case Study Analysis and Care Plan Creation

Assignment 2: Case Abstraction Analysis and Affliction Plan Creation

Click here to download and assay the case abstraction for this week. Create a holistic affliction plan for ache prevention, bloom promotion, and astute affliction of the accommodating in the analytic case. Your affliction plan should be based on accepted affirmation and nursing standards of care.

Visit the South University Online Library and analysis for accepted bookish affirmation (no earlier than 5 years) to abutment your nursing actions. In addition, accede visiting government sites such as the CDC, WHO, AHRQ, Healthy People 2020. Provide a abundant accurate account answer the admittance of this affirmation in your plan.

Next actuate the ICD-10 allocation (diagnoses). The International Allocation of Diseases, Ninth Revision, Analytic Modification (ICD-10-CM) is the official arrangement acclimated in the United States to allocate and accredit codes to bloom altitude and accompanying information.

Click actuality to admission the codes.

Click here to download the affliction plan arrangement to advice you architecture a holistic accommodating affliction plan. The affliction plan archetype provided actuality is meant alone as a anatomy of advertence for you to body your affliction plan. You are accepted to advance a absolute affliction plan based on your assessment, diagnosis, and avant-garde nursing interventions. Reflect on what you accept abstruse about affliction affairs through absolute analysis and associate discussions and absorb the ability that you accept acquired into your patient's affliction plan.


Your affliction plan should be formatted as a Microsoft Word document. Follow the accepted APA copy style. Your cardboard should be 2 pages excluding the appellation and ther references and in 12pt font.

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