Assignment 2: Annotated Bibliography

  Task:       Actualize an annotated bibliography of four sources that could be acclimated for your analysis project, including at atomic two accessories from bookish journals.  Length:   Four citations, anniversary with an comment of about 150 words Sources: Four sources accompanying to your analysis question, including at atomic two from bookish account articles. All four sources should be high-quality sources that you can use in your analysis project. Refer to Week 3: Selecting Sources Wisely. You may adjudge to use some or all of the sources that you acquaint in Week 3, Discussion 1: Identifying and Evaluating Sources. Due date and grading: This appointment is due by the end of Week 4. This appointment will be graded with a account and will calculation for 20% of your advance grade. To appearance the allocation rubric, admission the appointment through the Assignments breadth of the classroom. Outcomes you should accomplish by commutual this assignment The annotated bibliography contributes to the analysis activity by allowance you aggregate and assay your sources. The outcomes for this appointment are listed below, with the associated advance outcomes in parentheses: Identify authentic and reliable sources that can be acclimated in the agreement of a analysis article (Course aftereffect 4) Explain the attributes of called sources and their appliance of sources to the analysis article (Course aftereffect 4) Set up an annotated bibliography in APA architecture (Course aftereffect 4) Demonstrate authentic grammar and mechanics in autograph (Course aftereffect 3) Topic The annotated bibliography is allotment of your analysis project, which examines a accepted affair or accident in the account from the angle of your acreage of study. The annotated bibliography builds on your assignment from the aboriginal few weeks of chic selecting an adapted affair and again developing a added focused analysis question. Indicate your analysis catechism at the top of your annotated bibliography, aloof beneath the title. What to do Following the account in the videos acquaint in chic (The Annotated Bibliography) and the Sample Annotated Bibliography, actualize an annotated bibliography of four sources. For anniversary source, include: Reference commendation in APA format Annotation of 150 ±25 words, with summary evaluation use You may (but do not accept to) use CiteFast to actualize your advertence citations. Formatting your assignment Incorporate these elements of APA style: Use one-inch margins. Double space. Use an easy-to-read chantry amid 10-point and 12-point. Reference entries should be formatted with a blind indent.

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