Assignment 2

   UNDERSTANDING THE ASSIGNMENT: PROJECT PAPER - COMPARATIVE ESSAY Write a 4-5 pages article (750-1,000 words) which abundantly abode the affair and requirements declared below.  STEP 1: TOPIC SELECTION Select a affair from the account below. Ancient Male Rulers Select any two (2) of these rulers: Ramses II, Shihuangdi, Constantine, Ashoka, Pericles, or Charlemagne. Select rulers from altered cultures. Ancient Female Rulers Analyze the Tang Empress Wu Zetian (also accepted as Empress Wu or as Wu Zhao; disqualified China about 690-705 AD) with either the Pharaoh Cleopatra (ruled Egypt about 51-31 BC) or the Pharaoh Hatshepsut (ruled Egypt about 1478-1458 BC). Sculptures of Age-old India and Greece Analyze Sculptures of Age-old India and Greece. Analyze the way gods and bodies were depicted in carve in age-old India and Greece and analyze the cultural ethics and account that these art works reflect in anniversary case.  STEP 2: THESIS In your aboriginal paragraph, authorize a bright apriorism about your called capacity that addresses: o Who or what you are comparing o The dates covered for each o 3-4 sentences on the acumen for your choice  STEP 3: SIMILARITIES & DIFFERENCES Help: When comparing accountable A with accountable B in a allusive article you should be advertence both capacity in your paragraph. Please do not do the aboriginal bisected of the article on accountable A and again the additional bisected on accountable B--that will assume like two (2) abstracted essays and comparisons will tend to get lost.  · Using reasonable and bookish resources: · Analyze 2 means your choices are similar · Analyze 2 means your choices are different  STEP 4: CULTURAL DIFFERENCES Help: Remember to analyze capacity directly, against amid your altercation about each. Consider your allegation on the similarities and differences mentioned beforehand and what it ability advance about differences amid the subjects' cultures. Using reasonable and bookish resources: o Analyze 3 means your choices' cultures are different  STEP 5: MODERN DAY EXAMPLES Using reasonable and bookish resources: o Advance a modern-day archetype of your aboriginal choice, and accommodate a account for your suggestion o Advance a modern-day archetype of your additional choice, and accommodate a account for your suggestion   · For Male rulers which President of U.S. A which Governor, Senator, Mayor reminds you of anniversary being you accept chosen… your dad or granddad, uncle, brother, etc For Female Rulers. Which Aboriginal lady, Adult Governor, Adult Senator, Adult Mayor reminds you of your choices.. Grandmother, Mother, Aunt, etc For Sculptures... Where today would you acquisition affinity or absolute sculptures… burghal hall, schools, buildings, churches   STEP 6: CONCLUSION In a absolute paragraph, abridge 2 things you abstruse that in some way ties calm with your aboriginal thesis.    

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