Assignment 1: White-Collar Crime

Victor and John assignment as software installers and affairs developers in the computer analysis of the Social Security Administration (SSA). SSA purchased software which was commonly installed by both Victor and John. SSA was accountant to accomplish copies of the software for use by their advisers during their employment, but not for resale to the accessible or for profit. Victor and John are additionally ally in a baby computer business. Victor started application some SSA software in his business, after the ability or accord of SSA. He told John that he would use it alone for testing and not for profit. However, the "testing" of the software generated accumulation for their business. John did not appetite to abide application the software after SSA consent. Victor believed the SSA would not admission permission and assertive John not to acknowledge their abstruse use of the software. Research business law in attention to software use application your textbook, the Argosy University online library resources, and the Internet. Based on the facts of the case and research, acknowledge to the afterward questions: What white-collar crimes, if any, did Victor and John commit? Explain anniversary individual's abomination separately. What ethical administration and administration abuse has Victor committed? Explain. What acknowledged aegis is accessible to John if he decides to acquaint the SSA about the software use? Explain.

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