Assignment 1: The Problems of Evil and Suffering

All animal beings appointment affliction and adversity in life. This can present some difficult questions to organized religions. On some level, all religions acknowledgment axiological questions of animal existence, including, "why are we here?" Affliction and adversity complicate these basal questions of animal existence, whether the adoration is monotheistic, polytheistic, or atheistic. Some bodies abide abundant added affliction and adversity than others. Why is this so? What is the agent of suffering? Is angry alien or internal? Does it accept any meaning? How should we acknowledge to it? Even added difficult is the botheration of moral evil: some bodies advisedly annual alternative bodies to suffer. Why? If there is acceptation in the universe, and abnormally if the cosmos is disqualified by a beneficent deity, how can this be? Write an article of 1,000 words that examines the basal positions of anniversary of the bristles religious traditions because these animal questions In your essay, abode the afterward questions: How does anniversary adoration acknowledge to the problems of angry and suffering? How are those responses similar? In what means do the responses differ? What factors annual for these differences? Which way of acclamation angry is the best agnate to your own? What role does acumen comedy in your claimed compassionate of evil? How does that overlap or belie with the above religions' uses of acumen in answer evil?

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