Due Week 4: 110 credibility For your aboriginal assignment, you will complete a abbreviate acknowledgment action in which you will assay the commodity afterward the Ask, Research, Learn, Do process. This action was alien in your webtext as a simplified adaptation of the sociological analysis process. It’s a advantageous apparatus to advice you anticipate critically, acknowledgment questions, and break problems.  READ THE ARTICLE “Declining Majority of Online Adults Say the Internet Has Been Good for Society” majority---of---online---adults---say---the---internet---has---been---good--- for---society/  USE THE RESEARCH Use the analysis advice presented in the commodity to acknowledgment the questions below. You should address four paragraphs, one for anniversary footfall listed in bold. Use the Appointment 1 arrangement to complete this assignment. Refer to Chapter 2 of the webtext as necessary.  1) Ask: • What was the affair of the research? • Who was advised in the research? • What was the analysis catechism that was answered by the advice in thearticle?   2) Research: • What analysis methods were used? (Go to Section 2.9 in the Webtext for a account of analysis methods) • Summarize the processresearchers acclimated to aggregate data.  3) Learn: • What were the key allegation of the research? • What cessation was fatigued fromthe research?  4) Do: • What are two added follow-•-up questions that you accept based on this research? • Why did you accept these followup questions? FORMATTING 5) Your appointment charge chase theseformatting requirements: • Usethe Appointment 1templatetocomplete this assignment. • References are not appropriate for this appointment as you will usetheassigned commodity and your webtext. • Be abiding to accommodate your name and the date on the awning folio of the template. 

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