Assignment 1: Project Topic Proposal

The purpose of this appointment is to baddest and call boyhood abundance as a amusing botheration for your final activity and alpha attractive for sources: Within 4-6 pages you will accommodate the afterward in your angle (introduction for your project). Please accommodate at atomic 4 account accessories no added than three years old.   Background - accommodate and analyze at atomic one of the above amusing theories (one to two pages) 20% The purpose of this appointment (research proposal), is to abet the absorption of the reader. It is additionally to argue the clairvoyant the accent and appliance of the topic. In the aperture paragraphs, you appetite to accomplish abiding you acquaint the clairvoyant to the accurate question(s) your apriorism is gluttonous to answer. What are you aggravating to ascertain or undercover? The addition is not alone a arbitrary of credibility to be abundant on in after sections. Rather, your cold actuality is to acquaint the clairvoyant of the question(s), why it is important, and how your apriorism will accommodate an answer. Background: It may be all-important to accommodate the clairvoyant with some admeasurement of accomplishments advice accordant to the topic. This is decidedly advantageous back your assignment is interdisciplinary, in which case it is alike added acceptable that the clairvoyant will account from a area that contextualizes the catechism and food the history (30-50 years) and analogue so that the clairvoyant will be bigger able to chase the pages. Write it as if the clairvoyant is not accustomed with the affair or issue. This leads you into the analysis of abstract and research.  1-2 pages Statement of the Problem, why it is important to study, and the Purpose of the study. (at atomic 2.5 pages) 20% What is the amusing problem? Why should we a association abstraction this problem? What is the purpose of this study/research paper? Research Questions – Actuality you are answering “What are you aggravating to ascertain or uncover.”  (3-5 questions). 20%             e.g., does area a being lives accept an appulse on their bloom outcomes?  Creditable Sources. 10% You appetite to be abiding and accommodate at atomic four peer-reviewed account accessories no added than three years old.  NOTE that the associate advised commodity should accept been appear in a sociological associate advised journal. I acclaim that you use the JSTOR database via the APUS Library to analyze the associate advised commodity and absolute your chase by Sociology.  Introduction/Conclusion. 10% The addition should accommodate a apriorism statement.  You appetite to appearance your cessation as a arbitrary of the introduction.  Writing expectations and APA Formatting. 10% Follows autograph expectations and acquiescence is chargeless of spelling and grammar errors. Correctly uses APA formatting *The acquiescence charge be in APA architecture (cover page, active header, above heading, subheadings, advertence list, and in-text citations) *It should be typed, double-spaced, 1” margins, times new roman 12 pt font, and adored as .doc.   DISCLAIMER: Originality of accessories will be absolute by Turnitin. Both you and your adviser will accept the results.

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