Assignment #1 – Prepare Requirements Specification

Using the case abstraction presented beneath adapt a Claim Specification report: You are appropriate to identify two accessible user views, actuate mission account for a database, actuate mission objectives, determine the anatomic or user claim for anniversary user view, and altercate how to best administer the requirements for these user views. Note that accepted business convenance allows the clairvoyant to accomplish assumptions. Therefore, you charge certificate your assumptions.   Case Abstraction For The Requirements Specification  A Sales Department has a book of articles that they accommodate to their customers. Anniversary blazon of artefact has a different artefact number, as able-bodied as a description, a amount and a price. The cardinal of the artefact in banal and the cardinal allocated are adapted regularly. When the cardinal in banal decreases to the alter level, the artefact is reordered in a pre-decided quantity. The alternative operations of the Departments can be declared as follows: 1. They accept a book of customers. Anniversary chump is accustomed a different chump number. This book additionally contains chump names that abide of their aboriginal and aftermost names, and chump addresses composed of street, burghal and postcode and the chump blast number. Anniversary chump has a acclaim limit, which is acclimated to validate their orders. 2. A chump may abode zero, one or added orders at a time, and an adjustment is consistently placed by one chump alone. Anniversary adjustment is articular by a different adjustment number. Alternative advice as to orders includes the date due, the absolute price, and the status, that is, an adjustment may be outstanding, partially delivered, or absolutely delivered and invoiced. 3. An adjustment may absorb one or added than one blazon of products, and a blazon of articles may be complex in added than one order. For anniversary artefact actuality ordered in an order, its quantity, absolute price, and cachet (i.e., outstanding, partially delivered, or absolutely delivered) are recorded and adapted regularly.

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